Friday, November 18, 2011

Toledo, Spain by Harry

We went to Toledo, Spain. We took a train to Madrid and then another to Toledo. If you have ever heard the expression, "Holy Toledo" it comes from Toledo, Spain. Toledo is the spiritual capital of Spain. At one time (before Queen Isabella) Muslims, Jews, and Christians all lived together peacefully together in Toledo.
This is a Jewish Synagogue built by Muslim architects. Napoleon used this synagogue as horse stables when he invaded Spain and nearly ruined it.

Toledo is a really cool city. I would definitely go back.


  1. HOLY TOLEDO I loved Toledo. A place where everyone can live in peace :) The Synagogue is so beautiful. I can tell by your picture that you've grown. I can hardly wait to measure you on the kitchen wall!!!

  2. Speaking of which, we've been measuring everything around us using millimeters, centimeters, and meters these days. Have you developed your own personal reference system for those units? I'll bet you have. I hear that you'll be home Tuesday. Did the time fly? Can't wait to see you!