Sunday, November 6, 2011

fall has come to Barcelona by V & H

Yesterday we went down to walk on the beach and we saw that all the drift wood had washed up to shore because it was windy out. The wind made all the drift wood wash ashore. We made a hut out of the sticks with a floor and a roof made up of drift wood. Thanks to me! Well.. and Harry. I had a great time making the fort and playing on the beach. I hope our fort survived the night.

Yesterday my sister and I made a bamboo hut. I made the structure and my sister made the floor. It was cooler out than usual. The only people in the water were surfers. I had a great time on the beach :)

and just two weeks ago...


  1. I wonder where all the bamboo came from?? I wish I was there with you, I love the beach and looking for things that have come on the surf. Snowing again today :(

  2. I love your hut! I love going to the beach when it is cold too. I remember John taking me to the beach on Prince Edward Island in April....bbbrrrrr! After a sprinkling of snow this morning, we went out and played in the leaves and threw frisbee for Abby. John has made his famous chili and I baked some chocolate pumpkin cookies. I love fall!

  3. Nice hut-building! The funniest bit of flotsam (or was it jetsom) I've ever found was in Belize--a small doll head about the size of a softball. The "head" was walking down the beach in the dark, and its eyelashes were bobbing open and closed! A ghost crab had taken up residence in the head and it was taking a walk down the beach!

  4. love that wood! i would love to build a hut out of sticks...but instead we'll have to build one out of snow... boo hoo!