Monday, November 21, 2011

my last day in Barcelona bye Harry

Although this is my last day in Barcelona I definitely want to come back to Barcelona. Barcelona is my favorite city in the world :) I will miss all the great museums and amazing architecture.  I will also miss fast train traveling. My top 10 favorite parts were..... 

1. Gaudi Casa Batllo
2. FC Barcelona game first time 
3. Train Travel
4. Gaudi Parc Guell
5. Gaudi Palau Guell 
6. La Padrera
7. Magic Fountain
8. La Ramblas
9. Palau de la Musica
10. The Barcelona Beach

This trip has been life changing. I hope we do it again somewhere else :)


  1. Oh Harry, what a great time you've had! I know you will return to Spain someday and that you will be able to have another adventure somewhere else. You are a child of the World :-)

  2. I love your top ten list! I am so excited to see you and here all about your adventures, and, more than likely, see how much you've grown :)

  3. I vote for a new city every year! If you think you and V might need a teacher to come with you I might know one who would volunteer! Safe travels home!

  4. Stumble upon your stunning adventure in Spain. We went to Spain on last Sept 2009 and enjoy every moment of it. Uh, I Love train as well and Toledo is my cute little jewel even compare to Madrid. Why don't you try Asia Pacific, if you love train then stop by in Japan to try Shinkansen aka Bullet train on the way to 'Fuji san'/Mount Fuji or Singapore's MRT. Please update, Cheers' Nomads