Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Dragon Gate of Finca Guell by Victoria

 This gate we call the "Gaudi Gate". It's based on Greek Mythology.  Antoni Gaudi designed it for the Guell family's summer home. The gate was welded together with the use of electricity which was novel at the time (1884). The gate represents a poem where Hercules tries to get past the dragon to get oranges to conquer the heart of the queen. 

The dragon looked like it could have been made from recycled materials. I also thought that this gate looked like it should be on an evil queen's castle. It would have been cool if it could move. This is another example of Gaudi's genius.


  1. I love the gate. We saw it from the bus but a close up is much better. You're right how great it would be for the wicked King/Queens castle! We woke to snow today, covering all of the golf course and trees, saw 2 foxed scampering across the snow. Yikes it to early for me!!! :-)

  2. What a great gate! Gaudi certainly was versatile. And isn't it interesting how at one time, oranges were so rare that a dragon would think to use them to entice a queen?

  3. i just love guadi's work! it always seems like it's out of a fairy tale.. i can only imagine how magnificent it is up close! have you seen this ?