Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sitges by Victoria

 Today we took a train to Sitges. Sitges is a small, cute, little beach town just south of Barcelona.
 We went with my cousin, Ned and my grandma. 
We walked on the beach and played.

this is my grandma, Omi

 The beaches looked like they could go on forever. It was just what you'd imagine a small fishing village to look like. If you wanted to be a writer, this would be the perfect place to come in the winter for quiet, peaceful inspiration. It would be fun to rent one of the beach apartments and look out every day and watch the ocean.


  1. I love so many things about this post!
    First, your it! I can see it is your new favorite thing! Super cute. Second...train trips. Are they not the coolest? There is something so fun about going places by train. Even short trips. I loved that about living in Europe. Third...going to the beach when it is not summer. Love it! I love the ocean. Boise would be the perfect place for me if instead of the hills on one side and desert on the other, it was hills on one side and OCEAN on the other! Fourth...the palm trees. I love palm trees. Fifth...totally agree about the writers retreat. I can see you there in your apartment in a few years time as you take a semester off to work on your writing, eating crepes every day and shopping at the market and walking along the beach collecting treasures from the ocean. I will send you a care package in exchange for a first peak at your fabulous writing. x

  2. Vv, what a beautiful place. It looks like you are having so much fun with Omi and Ned. When I see the beautiful weather it makes me crazed. Saw a great movie today called The Way. It's about a treck from the pieronees in France through Spain, to the Atlantic ocean. It took a month. I told Papa this could be our next family vacation. He said he wants a van following him :)