Friday, November 11, 2011

Night Train by Harry

We went to Granada and back on a night train. I don't think you will find one of these in the U.S. I wish the United States had more train travel. 

This is the first time we have been on a night train. We had a little room with 4 beds. My sister and I slept on the top bunks. It was really exciting to try to sleep on a night train.

I would definitely do it again.


  1. I wish they had more train travel in the US also! Can we change that Harry?

  2. Me too. Some of my best memories of countries I have visited involved train travel. In 1999, I took a train from San Francisco to Chicago. It took three days and I loved it. It was cheap too. There is something about traveling by train that makes me feel like something magical or mysterious is about to happen.

  3. Oh boy, Wouldn't it be great for Papa. I think I will have to take him on a train ride. I sure wish we had more of it too. It would be great if they came right into the station in Boise. :)

  4. I can just hear the giggles from the upper bunks! I'll never forget the time I took Amtrak from Sandpoint to Seattle. It was Christmas Eve and snowing to beat the band. I'll never forget how beautiful it was: the lake, the mountains, the falling snow. It snowed so hard that at one point, we had to wait for a snowplow train to get us over the Cascades. I'm with you, Harry, I wish we could always travel by train.