Monday, November 21, 2011

Final Blog post in Spain

I imagine dinner on the last night. Eating at Crepes Barcelona, savoring every last bite of crepe goodness. In my mind I absolutely do not want to leave. At first you imagine you want to go home and see your friends and family but when the days start to count down you do not want to leave. You start counting down the things like...  this will be my last night sleeping in this bed or this is my last time eating breakfast or simply a final blog post. But in a tiny corrner of my mind this feels like a dream. A dream in Spain. Now when I get back to Boise, I will just simply wake from the dream. But the good thing about dreams is that you can always go back to sleep and your bed will be waiting for you along with your dreams. Somewhere deep down inside I want to wake up from this dream. I want to see my family and eat Thanksgiving dinner. I want to walk into my classroom and see all the kids and my teacher run towards me to greet me. Then again there will be things that will not be there when I wake up. I will not have my dog. But I know that really my dog has been in this dream, in this wonderful dream with me exploring all the places eating all the food. She has been following me around the whole time I was in this dream. Well I know that I can always come back. Maybe my dream will take place in a different spot next time and all I know is that much more adventure awaits...

To be continued...


  1. To be continued for sure!!! Barcelona will always be a part of your home and you will always be able to taste those wonderful crepes. Just as Shy will always be near you, I see her everywhere! We are looking forward to having you home and hearing all your wonderful adventures on Thanksgiving. :-)

  2. I know that feeling of "this is my last.." or "this is the last time I'll..." It's bittersweet. I am excited to see you and hearing about your fabulous dream :)
    ps... I have been scouting out puppies :)

  3. You are amazing. I can't wait to see you. The cool part with "lasts" is that you now get to have lots of new "firsts" (like first homework!). Barcelona is lucky - you will always hold a special place for her in your heart. x

  4. I read your dream story and thought it was pretty cool. You write rather well for fifth grade. Fantastic journey. Cheers, John t.