Friday, November 18, 2011

Cathedral of Toledo by Victoria

The Chapel in Toledo is the fourth biggest church in Europe.
This statue of Mary was given from the king of France to the king of Spain who was his cousin. This statue is famous because it is so realistic.
In the box that I am touching is, drum roll please, is a white stone. But this is no ordinary stone. It is quite the opposite. You see, Mary stood on that stone and when you touch the stone you get to make a wish. But only one a day and only a total of twelve. We all made a wish.
This painting of Saint Christopher is 15 meters tall. Saints are usually painted with halos. Apparently, according to the Vatican, St. Christopher never excisted. So there goes his halo. It is kind of sad really. Poor St. Christopher. Well, at least he gets a giant picture of himself.
Wow that's giant! No it's ginormous! They made the stories on this chapel in pictures because back then not many people could read or write that well. ...... I wonder, do you think the chapel is solid gold? This chapel was really an extraordinary place.


  1. WOW, this is the most beautiful church. I love the special stone and the Statue of Mary. I think you can rate this one of the to churches you've seen. Miss you in NYC. Went to Sprinkles for cupcakes---wonderful and lit a candle at St. Patricks, saw them start to lift the star in Rockafeller Plaza and the best thing went to the worlds biggest Whole Foods. I could have spent hours there along with lots of $$$$$$ :)

  2. Churches, museums, street actors, beaches, sculptures! What a trip! I feel as though you've grown by at least a year or two with all that you and your family have learned since August. I want to read your top ten list of your most unforgettable experiences there. it will be some list! Can't wait to see you and everyone. Harry's desk is crying out for his presence these days!

  3. V. I love the picture of the feather in the arch! What a great trip! xxoo